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Managing the Proposal Process

We recently helped a small construction firm go from $0 to $12M/year with Army Corps of Engineers.

We understand that proposal management is project management. It’s about resourcing, budgeting and scheduling. It’s also about expertise honed by real-world experience.

GovRealm tames the clock and reduces your stress by proactively managing proposals so they are completed ahead of time and under budget.

Although we work with a multitude of clients, experienced government contractors (either prime or sub), with a history of navigating the proposal process, greatly appreciate and see the most value in GovRealm’s services.

Read more about our methodologies and guarantee.

8(a) Certification

One of our 8(a) clients just won a sole-source contract for 92 positions (architects and engineers) at Department of State.

GovRealm is thoroughly acquainted with the 8(a) application process, including applying for waivers, complex applications, and writing persuasive statements of economic discrimination. The newly revised SBA 8(a) regulations regarding the impact of 401k plans on determinations of personal wealth directly reflect our comments and suggestions made at SBA open forums.

GovRealm regularly engages audiences on topics including proposal development, maximizing 8(a) certification, and obtaining and using certifications correctly.

Read more about our typical 8(a) certification process.

Rent a Red Team!

We red-teamed a proposal for a client, caught a significant technical mistake, and preserved what became the winning bid.

Don’t underestimate the value of putting outside eyes on a proposal. An independent red team ensures compliance and makes sure that you are addressing the customer’s needs as stated in the RFP, other instructions and any intel gathered. GovRealm’s team will check your proposal for technical deficiencies in addressing implicitly stated requirements, show the likely impact on your evaluation, and will tell you exactly how to fix them. Common mistakes include:

  • Missed requirements
  • Responses that are not detailed enough
  • Failure to provide proof points
  • Not revising a submission in response to amendments and Q&A data

As we are assuring that your proposal is technically sound, we’ll also make substantive suggestions on what could be done to get your proposal to a better state so that it speaks to the customer’s unstated needs that are critical to winning. Often this includes rewrites and, in some cases, a restructuring of a proposal to address:

  • Inappropriate boilerplate
  • A lack continuity
  • Not enough internal discussion so that the proposed solution is well-formed from all sides (price, approach, technology, implementation schedule, etc.)

Our Red Team process typically involves:

  • First review
  • Comments back to authors
  • Dialog
  • Authors’ modifications
  • Final review

Federal Business Development Sherpas

Our goal is simple. We want to work with businesses that are ready to identify opportunities and win more government contracts.  Let us guide you through the federal business development process.  We can analyze your business capture strategy with job costing and ROI calculations to improve your rate of success. Our staff has a penchant for roll-up-the-sleeves research that furnishes information that matters. We’re known for a rational approach that includes some tough love and a pragmatic mix of Intel and intuition. Things get intense when it comes to winning Government contracts. GovRealm simplifies the processes by partnering with our clients and navigating the procurement realm with precision.

Positioning, timing, and knowledge are the keys to winning more business.

  • Positioning. We tell our clients where they need to be in the market to achieve their goals and we help get them there.
  • Timing. GovRealm builds and manages opportunity pipelines for our clients, allowing them to make realistic, early-in-the-process go/no-go decisions on each opportunity.
  • Knowledge. We provide our clients with the data necessary to make solid business decisions in all aspects of winning Government work.

Past Performance

Fearless Leader

Kim WattersKim Watters keenly understands the work involved and relationship between capture planning, business development, and proposal management. With proficiencies in staff training, process re-engineering/optimization, technology upgrades, and on-going professional development, Kim has built a company that respects the challenges of Government procurement while tackling them fearlessly. Kim teaches her staff and clients to approach the sometimes world of procurement with organization, objectives, and realism. As a workshop facilitator and presenter on very technical topics such as the 8a application, marketing to the Federal government, and proposal management, Kim knows the importance of engaging her clients and delivering relevant information. Her team has spent decades managing strategic projects for clients focused on proposal development, maximizing 8(a) certification and correctly obtaining and using Government, and socio-economic certifications. Kim and GovRealm are committed to winning.

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