Proposal Management

Our proposal management methodologies serve to:

  • Minimize stress and burnout
  • Facilitate company buy-in and support
  • Make the best use of your proposal budget

We guarantee that your proposal will be:

  • On time
  • Technically compelling
  • Priced to win
  • On budget
  • Technically compliant

First, we consult with you and your organization. The GovRealm team offers a free 30-minute consultation to determine where your organization is positioned relative to your procurement and contracting goals. During this evaluation, we dig into the overall objectives of your organization, define procurement challenges, and explain how GovRealm can support you in both the near and long term.

Second, we create action plans. GovRealm is all about the strategic delivery of strong work. We start at the very beginning of the procurement process including research, procurement trends and forecasts, obtaining relevant information and bringing it to the table in one cohesive plan. From day one, our clients are well aware of what we’re doing for them and we walk with them through every step, addressing questions and concerns and building their procurement confidence. Our actions plans are customized according to the client’s needs and goals and are centered on:

  • Budgeting. Estimates that are fair and accurate.
  • Scheduling. Schedules that prevents that “last minute rush.”
  • Resourcing. Resource suggestions that maximize your in-house assets and capabilities.
    The plans we create deliver credible and measureable results.

Third, we get to work. GovRealm is your outsourced Government Business Development unit. Once you’ve accepted the Action Plan, our consultants get to work. We offer a full range of consultants with various expertise, working either on or off-site to help your organization reach its Government goals. Our Proposal Managers, provide a professional interface for your company, showing both your team members and competitors alike that your company takes procurement seriously. Our Pricing Support is ensures that your pricing reflects not profitability, but returns that are sustainable, yet competitive.

Standard Services

Upon request and approval of hours for each project, we will deliver and manage the response team and the document, including gathering or writing content, editing existing content and managing the revision and delivery of the response.  More specifically, our work typically includes:

  • Oversight and management of the proposal process
  • Pre-solicitation work to support bid/no bid decisions
  • Creation and maintenance of compliant proposal outline(s)
  • Setting up and maintaining collaborative online worksite for team members
  • Publishing and maintaining a proposal schedule
  • Gathering content for all proposal sections
  • Writing content as necessary
  • Facilitating all proposal RFP reviews
  • Interfacing with all team members to provide support and guidance
  • Setting and maintaining guidelines for compliance
  • One-voice editing
  • Proposal formatting and production
  • Delivery and submission coordination
  • A lessons-learned analysis

Typical Statement of Work

GovRealm’s proposal services are determined based upon the unique requirements of each solicitation.  Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Execute RFP reviews – schedule, coordinator, and facilitate all color reviews including kick-off, pink, red, and gold team reviews
  • Set and maintain schedule – schedule includes times and dates for project milestone, reviews, production, and delivery
  • Collaborative work-site – establish and maintain secure online collaborative worksite for all proposal team members
  • Format response – format RFP response to meet requirements
  • Create and maintain compliance matrix – we set and maintain a compliance matrix which is continually updated as the Government issues solicitation changes and/or updates
  • Gather content – gather existing content to meet standard questions
  • Write content – work with authors to guide them through the writing process to ensure content meets proposal win themes and discriminators
  • Manage response document – manage content deadlines, edit new content, format document, manage production (versions, revisions, etc.)
  • One-voice edit – edit document to ensure document is not disjointed and had  a common “one-voice” throughout the document
  • Manage delivery of response – finalize and submit document per RFP requirements, including coordination with any outside vendors (printers, shippers, etc.) and engaging in any proprietary submission mechanisms (Web portals, e-mail, etc.,) as necessary.
  • Proposal Management Services are priced hourly based upon the labor category.  We provide estimates of hours to complete before work starts