8(a) certification

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Our typical 8(a) certification process includes:

  • Education. Before we embark on the certification process, we have a conversation about the 8(a) program. We provide you with information about the extent to which your current customers are procuring under the 8(a) program and the volume of services in your NAICS codes that are being procured via 8(a) set-asides. We educate you on the rules of 8(a) priming, teaming, subcontracting, and joint ventures. Our goal is to provide consulting/advisory services to the Government so that our clients can make an educated business decision on when and how to apply to the program.
  • Benchmarking. Once you have decided to go forward with seeking SBA 8(a) certification, we will analyze the current state of your organization against the 8(a) requirements. Then we will guide your organization through a mock application process to identify areas of concern, risks, and challenges. We will also document areas that are in good form for submittal as part of the 8(a) application.
  • Improvements. We will help you Identify areas of challenge. Your organization will receive a gap analysis report from our team. We will meet with your organization to review our findings, answer any questions, and provide information about risk mitigation. We will also set a target date for submitting the 8(a) application. We will provide an action plan addressing each area of challenge. The action will provide specific steps and actions to mitigate items from the gap analysis, as well as a timeline for completion. We will check in with your organization to ensure that action items are addressed and overcome in a timely manner.
  • Application. Preparing and submitting the 8(a) application is the final step in the process. We will provide high-level consultation and expertise for completing the 8(a) application. Support will include, but will not be limited to:
    • Assisting with writing a statement of economic discrimination
    • Interpreting the Government’s requirements
    • Reviewing information to be submitted
    • Responding to Government’s requests for additional information
    • Putting the entire package together in a neat, logical, and cohesive format
    • Responding to the Government’s request for information