Do you use client intelligence instead of client conversation?

“Do we have enough intel?” “Let’s do a data call.” “Let’s mindmap!”

If we’re honest, we probably would prefer to learn about our clients without having too much communication with them.  Too often we seek intelligence about a client in lieu of direct (and potentially rejecting) interactions and conversations.  Intelligence is out there and it’s useful, but it’s also a bit creepy.  I admire vendors who take the time find out basic information about my company and present reasonable and solid propositions.  I tend to not do business with vendors that not only know my business, but also know that I garden, my birthday is in August, and that I don’t like oysters!

No single bit of data or client intel will suddenly unlock a client and have them fall into your books.  Taking the time to speak with your clients in a focused manner in order to build or expand upon a relationship will provide you with insight and understanding uniquely shaped to your relationship.

If all someone brings to a potential business relationship is a shovel for mining data, the relationship will probably fail.  Most people don’t do business with people who know us like no other.  Most folks tend to do business with people who exhibit the natural give and take necessary to build an organic relationship.