“From the beginning my vision for our new website was to create a place that would pleasantly engage folks and then exceed their expectations,” said Kim Watters, the Fearless Leader of GovRealm, a consulting company that she recently launched to help Federal contractors win more business. “In other words, I wanted the site to mirror our business philosophy.”

“Kim’s vision called for a compelling design,” said Frank Hazzard, content strategist for Buzzquake Marketing, an Ellicott City, Maryland, digital marketing firm that GovRealm hired to develop the website.

The design consisted primarily of a long page, a construct used by web developers where the bulk of a site’s important content is contained all on one page.

“We took a look at other options, but for us we thought that this made the most sense,” said Watters.  “Our cadre of services are closely related.  We often combine two or more, proposal project management and Federal business development guidance, for instance.  We wanted them to flow together on our site the way they flow together in practice.”

Subject areas that required more voluminous text were continued on subordinate pages to keep the long page succinct, according to Hazzard.

“That’s the beauty of the design,” explained Hazzard.  “You have the flexibility to read more elsewhere when the content dictates a continuation.”

“It’s a big job to build a website from scratch,” said Watters.  “I have to give Buzzquake credit for a job well done.  I like their project management style.  I’m in the project management business so I can speak with authority when I say they managed the process well.”

“It helps when the client knows what she wants and can communicate it,” said Hazzard.  “Kim was great to work with.  Fearless Leader is the perfect title for her.  She wasn’t afraid to include a little whimsy, like referring to GovRealm’s experts as sherpas, that I think speaks to people.”

The website was built using WordPress and a theme that allows full-width images and parallax scrolling, according to Hazzard.  “The results are visually stunning, I think.  Users can’t resist scrolling down the page to see what’s going to happen next; what’s going to pop up or move.”